In the end...after an ancient and supernatural illness devastates the minds of the modern world, a reclusive soldier must protect a handful of survivors from a rampaging horde of lunatics -- even as a creeping madness threatens to tear them apart from within...welcome to the endless whispers.
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  • Which of the Doomed are You?

    Take our personality poll and come back here to tell us who you are. Then, you get to wait for the film to see who survives!

    The Stars They are a’ Shining

    Great news. Our very own Clark Sarullo recently wrapped a major role directly opposite John Cusack as his wife, Sharon, in the upcoming feature film Cell.  This film is based on a Stephen King story. King has said on many occasions that H. P. Lovecraft has always been a huge...

    Slates for Sarah

    I did not know Sarah. But I know someone who did and was very affected by this. In fact, I think the whole industry should be affected by this. If you would, stop by their Facebook page Slates for Sarah and you can get an opportunity to meet Sarah yourself....

    A Little Town called Roxboro

    Pamela and I met recently with the mayor of Roxboro, Merilyn Newell, for lunch. Ms. Newell is a wonderfully enthusiastic patron of the arts and as our lunch turned into a discussion of all the possibilities and tribulations The Endless Whispers would be bringing her town it was clear that...

    Concept Art for The Endless Whispers

    Here are some selections of our concept art for The Endless Whispers. These pieces were created by the very talented Grace Stott. Check back, over the course of the next couple of months we’ll be adding about dozen in total. Enjoy.

    Letter from the Director

    Welcome to the world of The Endless Whispers. (check out the welcome video) If you’re a fan of H.P. Lovecraft or old horror movies from the 1960s and 1970s, like Rosemary’s Baby, The Exorcist, Night of the Living Dead, The Shining, and Halloween (to name a few of our favorite genre films),...

    Michael Babbitt (Director)

    Michael brings a highly creative (directing both stage and film) and diverse background (from paratrooper to photography) to his role as director for The Endless Whispers. He has been a filmmaker since he was twelve years old, writing scripts and making small films with friends, starting on Super 8 film and...

    30,000 years ago they sang their endless hymns of madness…

    The envelope (pictured above) received by Dr. Susan Carter from Sir Ralph Burke. Contained within this envelope were four letters dated as far back as 135 years ago. Letter A, dated 1875 Letter B, in reply, dated 1875. Transcripts of Letter A and Letter B. Records from St. Vincent’s Seminary...
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