Who's playing whom. Here they'll be releases of the cast as soon as they're signed to the project. As the process continues you'll also find pre-visualization stuff here like costume concepts as character's step into their wardrobe, makeup test, and all sorts of good stuff.


Who's doing what. Just like's his sister category (Cast) here you'll find announcements concerning the additions of new crew members coming aboard. Director of Photography, Wardrobe, Grips, all that information will be here. You'll also find escapades dealing with equipment testing (camera!!!) and other testing (stunts!) We may even blow up a thing or two.

Director's Notes

Straight from the mouth of madness. Our director, Michael Babbitt, promises to make this interesting. Design ideas. Storyboard samples. Image concepts. Lots and lots of psychological character exploration. And in case your'e a little nervous about all of this mind warping fear, he's promised to give away the one secret that can protect anyone from the Afflicted. So you'll make sure to read this, right?


Where the heck did all of these ideas come from? Like any great artist, we are all products of the past, present and, dare we say, future. Here you will find an array of various things that have been influential on not only the primary story itself but also of the world of The Endless Whispers,

Production Notes

In here is all the good stuff. What's going on with our design team. Notes about scouting locations. Were the finances are stacking up. Snippets of sound and song. Snapshots of wardrobe and the hard work that goes into prop construction. It'll be here, neat.

Writer's Block

This is where you’ll find notes about The Endless Whispers directly from the writer, Chris Jones, ranging from tools of the craft to inspirations and themes, and more.